There are many benefits for strengthening the PC muscles (Pubococcygeus muscle). One of the most talked about topic of the PC-muscles is squirting or female ejaculation. Female orgasms is caused by the contraction of the PC muscles during sexual stimulation, and with the strengthening of the PC-muscles would only give more intense female orgasms that would ultimately lead to female ejaculation.

There is a process whereby you can train your PC-muscles, and the exercise is called kegel exercise. This exercise serves to contract the cremaster muscle as a voluntary contraction of the pubococcygeus muscle (aided by sucking in the abdomen button) and also cremasteric reflexes which has good sexual benefits.
Most women that experience intense female orgasms have good or strong PC-muscles as the PC-muscles controls the bladder opening which induces female orgasm. By strengthening the PC-muscles you not only aid in your urinary controls but also childbirth controls as it will give a proper positioning of the baby’s head during childbirth.
PC-muscle exercise or Kegel exercise not only proves beneficial to the female orgasm but to the male orgasm as well. Kegel exercise appears to enable some men to have multiple orgasms and help in some rare cases of premature ejaculation.
With having well-developed PC-muscles it not only prolongs the sexual intercourse but it also proves beneficial to the women as they get to have great sex. Both parties benefit from the strengthening of the PC-muscles and will get a chance to have intense orgasms together as they’re both trained to hold their loads and cumming afterwards together as one.
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