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I'm 14 years old and I want to loose weight really bad. I no longer want to weigh 128 pounds, I want to weigh 100 pounds. What do i do?



well, u need to start by eating healthy. make sure you take in your 5 a day in order to take in the vitamins and nutrients your body needs and try not to eat as much sugar as before. so cut down on cakes, biscuits, fizzy drinks and definitely stay away from things that are iced!!! because icing is basically just sugar! and try having greens in every meal (this may not be possible for breakfast). and try the weight watchers selection of food.


going out for walks and jogs really keeps the cardiovascular in shape and also your body. i advise you go out on a jog at least every day. if u cannot go jogging every day just go out with your friends for a walk. but still try getting jogging into your daily routine. try to go out jogging when you have had a big meal because then this burns calories. or wat you cud do is jog in the morning and when u have had a meal  go out with your friends or just jog around in your house (it sounds crazy i know but i am sure it will work!)

Drink Mainly Water

A sports or energy drink, fruit smoothie, or light beer — each serving contains about 100 calories. Yet these beverages don't satisfy you the way 100 calories of food does, so they're a waste. Other liquids may be high in sodium and carbohydrates, which trick your body into retaining water, puffing you out.

Water, on the other hand, has zero calories and carbs and little to no sodium, making it the perfect slim-down drink. And strangely, it actually helps flush out excess water weight as well as jump-starts your metabolism. If it's just too boring, add lemon wedges or mint leaves.

(apparently that is meant to make you lose 5 pounds in a week!!!!so give it a try!)


some people think that if you go to a gym this will make you lose weight. and the thing is this is kind of true, but i personally advise you NOT to addend gym. why? simply because when you start getting bored and tired of going to gym, then simply you wont want to go. and the secret in this is when you start going to the gym and losing weight and then suddenly you stop. the amount of weight you started with simply regains on you. and that is what you are trying to avoid!!

hope this helped!!!!xox