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I am a diabetic type 2 and I would like to know about having alcohol while being a diabetic.  I work for an accounting office in downtown New York and every night after work we all go out for a drink (or more) to a nearby bar that we frequent.  I am noticing that my blood sugar levels are a bit less controlled because I have high fasting blood sugars in the morning and I have running a bit high at other times to.  I am thinking maybe the alcohol may have something to do with it but I figure why would it if I am just drinking vodka with orange juice. I eat food with the drinks to help to counter the drinks I have and that I don't go home over the limit as far as intoxication goes.  Are there any other diabetics that drink  socially?  Do you have any problems with your blood sugar when drinking?


Hello Guest.  I would discourage you from drinking too much if you are having trouble controlling your sugars.  You could be getting hyperglycemia from the juice in your mixed drinks.  It would behoove you to drink perhaps a diet cola on some of the nights that you go out after work.  You can see how much of a difference that makes.  Alcohol and its carb count should be included with your meal planning.  It is often counted as 2 Fats.  It will cost you in carb units as well.  Some drinks, like sweet wine, has 16 grams of carbs per serving.  You will need to google the type of beverages you like to drink and put them in your planning. 

Are there any forum readers that are diabetic and drink socially?  How do you manage it so that it has a minimal effect on your blood sugar?