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I`m sweaty 300 days a year since i was born, even 5 minutes after a shower i`m sticky again specially my underharms and my feet .i`m healthy no major problems, that`s affect the way i`m living , uncomfortable feeling all day paranoid on odours i smell myself every 5 minutes and i`m always stinky sweat+deodorant+washing powder i`m seek of myself it`s depressing.scare to have contact with other people because my odours i don`t know what i can do to have a normal social life with no sweat-stress please give me some advice, thank`s


Have you ever seen a doctor about your problem? There's a procedure called ETS or Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy and is used for treating hyperhidrosis-excessive sweating. Have you heard of it?

Excessive sweating i.e hyperhidrosis can have secondary negative emotional, professional, and social consequences and should certainly be addresses.