A woman aged 66 from a Croatian little town was brought to a hospital after having severe abdominal pain for a few days. Although slightly build and having a stomach of a pregnant woman did not alarm anybody from her village to go and see what the “swelling” was all about.
When the doctors opened her up, they were shocked to find a 10 kilo abdominal tumor that has filled most of her abdominal cavity, pushed everything aside and pressed the aorta and the lungs causing vascular and respiratory difficulties.
It was a hard surgery with two surgeons working on it, manipulating around the tumor, which was hard due to its size. During the procedure, the woman needed to receive four packages of blood transfusion.
It was a benign tumor but most tumors of this size are. However, they can cause severe problems and even lead to death because the abnormal masses are putting pressure on the surrounding organs.

The surgery went well and the patient is recovering at the hospital waiting to be released at the end of this week.