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I am terrified of one thing I have noticed few days ago. I realized I have small growth on my neck. I am worried because I do not know what it could be and what should I do. Can you tell me some possible causes for this? What could I expect at my health care provider’s office?


I can assume you mean something like small lump or bump, on your neck occurred. I do not know if you mean like some growth on your skin or something is started to grow under your skin. If that is neck lump, there are many causes for this. The most common cause is enlarged lymph nodes. These lymph nodes could be caused by bacterial or viral infections, malignancy and some other rare causes. Lumps in the muscles of the neck are almost always in the front of the neck and involving the sternocleidomastoid muscle. This might be result from injury or torticolis. Lumps in the skin or just below the skin are often caused by cysts, which is very possible to be your case. I would recommend you to visit your doctor and not guess what it could be. If that is cyst, your doctor might help you to solve this problem, and if that growth on your neck is more serious, it is better to start treatment as soon as it is possible.


I would suggest that you have a complete physical done as soon as possible.

I had the following symptoms:

Skin tags on neck
Melasma (dark spots) on face
Excessive bleeding during period
Shortness of breath just from talking
Heart palpatations when walking short distances
Sciatic nerve shooting pain down my leg
Hair loss
Bowl movement obstruction

After getting a complete physical, it turns out I had severe anemia (heloglobin >5) due to 6 lbs of fibroid tumor in my uterus wall. The doctor checked me into the hospital where they gave a a large blood transfusion (4 units). Once my hemoglobin was up to 10 they took me into surgery where they removed the large fibroid mass. Today, all the symptoms above are gone and/or going away. My color is great, my fair is growing back fuller, the dark spots on my face are fading, the skin tags are fading and I am having great bowl movements again. Turns out the fibroid tumor was sucking up all my blood and this tumor (due to its size) was putting pressure on all my organs.