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Just found this forum and you guys seem to know what you're talking about (well, I hope so..) so I'm gonna' try and lay a couple of questions down for you. :)

I just turned fifteen a couple of days and ago and have had pretty severe abdominal pain since April 20th. I ended up in the ER with what we thought was appendicitis but was actually mesenteric lymphadenitis. I was told it was probably just a virus of some sort and shrugged it off for as long as I could. I mean, my lymph nodes were pushing so much on my intestines that anything that came out of me was about the size of a pencil in width. And its still like that. So anyway, I ended up going back to the hospital with stomach pain and headaches and was given sinus antibiotics.. which literally did nothing in my favor. Continued on with that and long story short; ended back in the hospital doing more tests for what they thought might be celiac disease which also came out as a negative.

But ever since November (?) of last year I've had on and off extreme pain in my left testicle. It kinda' disappears for a a little while and then returns. My lower back is also killing me and I can't really do much without feeling strain. I don't have any lumps in my testicles but I do have a pretty good sized one under my penis which when showed to my parents looks "harmless". They keep insisting that thats not what it could be but I have a feeling otherwise.

When looking at them I can see small viens all around the testicles and right where it hurts the vien is red rather then purple. It feels like dull pain combined with the feeling of ice and stinging. Its weird.

Can anybody help me out? I just don't want die from something undiagnosed..:-|


Hi Lulzey,

First off, you are young for this to be testicular cancer.

You aren't looking at your testicles either.  You are looking at your scrotum, the testicles are inside.  Seeing veins around your penis and scrotum is normal.  The skin is very thin around your genitals and is very vascular (lots of blood vessels).

I'm not sure what this lump is under your penis but testicular cancer affects the testicles.  If it isn't on the testicles it is something else.  I guessing you're feeling a lymph node, they are all over your body.  Tell your doctors about it.

Mesenteric lymphadenitis is common in teens and can be painful.  Trust your doctors!

Hope it helps Lulzey.