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hi i am 13 years old and for the past couple of days i have been experiencing occasional chestpain in the left side in the middle/upper ribs and low pectoral. i also have occasional pains (not as often as left side) in my right side of the chest about the same area. can anyone please tell me if this is a heart problem or a muscle/gas/other problem? Im starting to get worried about it.


Hi Actor,

Do you have a history of cardiac (heart) problems?

You are young to have any cardiac problems. It is more likely musculoskeletal, your bones/muscles that is causing the pain. Have you been exercising a lot? How about coughing?

Do you have dizzy spells? Suddenly feel "hot?" Trouble breathing?

Post back.


Hi there,
The fact is that many things can cause chest pain and it is sometimes hard to diagnose the right cause of the chest pain without doing some test at the hospital. Have you seen your doctor about this condition? Have you had any injuries or any traumas in the chest area? Have you changed anything in your diet in past several weeks? You also might be having problems with your spleen or pancreas. If I am not mistaking some changes in the blood may affect your body to have a pain in that area. So as you can see you will need to see your doctor to run some test to determine what is really causing your problem in the chest.

Best wishes,