My son is 14 and has always been well behaved in school and at home and loves sports.Well the problem is that he still wets his bed and has problems in the day time too.Well my son hide it from me for a few years and it sounds hard to believe but he was buying his own goodnights, and i felt really bad.I found the goodnights while going through his room looking for a movie or something and i asked him bout ti and he told me.Well a few weeks later i notice that is underwear and day clothes were wet or smelled like urien and when i asked him about it he said that he only hade night problems.well on day he came home from school onstead of staying after school for basketball and went right too his room well i walked in and there he was standing with his pants off and wet underwear on.he told me that he hade day problems to and said that he was fine and didnt want me too tell his step dad or his brother and sister about it that was 3 years ago and they still dont know he keeps it a secret besides his one friend eho also wets only at night.but the doctor said that he is fine and there is nothin wrong but he says he just dosent wake up at night and cant feel it coming out in the day and he also gose alot about 14-16 times a day and they are trying to tell that he is fine an normal but what could it be??