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Please help. Im really stressing and obsessing over this!!:( 'm 16 years old and I had unprotected sex on feb 10th or 11th (not sure) . My boobs got sore a week after , which NEVER has happend. Than Feb. 21 I got my period.. And my boobs stopped hurting. It was pretty normal period (heavy with clots) and i think it came around the right time because my sister always starts hers 2-3 days after me. and she started hers yesterday. Anyway yesterday FEB. 24 it has lightend and theres just tiny pink spotting. Im really scared. My period usually lasts about a week. Its now Feb.25 I just went to the rest room and i saw a little brown spotting on my pad and when i wiped a little faded pink came out. than i went to the restroom again and when i wiped and there was more pink/ bright red. im REALLY STRESSED OUT. & really really scared help? :( Also can this weird thing happening to me period be because im so stressed and scared? Now its Feb.26 and i woke up with a bad stomach ache feels like i went on a roller coaster a million times. And I feel like i need to vomit :/ Edit * I just took a pregnancy test!! Fron the dollar store though..It came out negative. and its been 15-16 days since the sex happend. do you think its accurate? even though its from tge dollar store. im just really unsure because of how weird my period was.


You are only 16 so since your younger your periods can change a lot. they can last longer or they can be short and only last a few days. They can be light or heavy. Judging by your description it sounds like a normal period. And yes though dollar store tests are accurate.