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So I am a 16 year old boy and I was having sex with my girlfriend, it was our second time. About halfway through, I started to lose my erection and couldn't get it back. This didn't happen the first time and I dont think I have erectile dysfunction, but now I'm freaked out and not so sure. I did masturbate several times the day before, so I'm hoping that's the reason, but I'm not entirely sure. Does anyone have any info, explanations or advice? thatd be so helpful.



You're probably exactly right, that you had already stimulated yourself, and so, had just lost interest from already being satisfied.

Don't worry about it.

In fact, if you do want to give yourself a problem, keep thinking and worrying about it, and I guareentee that you'll develop a problem by watching and worrying about your response so much.

You're better off getting some rest, and next time, concentrate on your partner's response.

You'll be fine. Nobody get's a perfectly firm erection 100% of the time. No one.