My 17 yr old daughter had her tonsils out Wednesday 6/25/08. The Dr. said her tonsils were very thick with scar tissue due to years of throat problems. For years Dr's kept saying that if she had one more positive test for strep that her tonsils would need to come out. unfortunately, she had several severe throat infections but not "enough" documented positive tests for strep so her tonsils were never taken out, until now. She was hospitalized for 3 days for a throat infection so now she has had them removed. Her pain is excruciating. Lots of crying and blaming me for not having the Dr's take them out when she was younger. Day three she vomited a few times, probably due to the meds. That resulted in dehydration and we spent 4 hours in the ER last night getting her re hydrated through an IV. I just read on here where a guy said room temp water was less painful to swallow than cold. I had her try it and she said he was right. She tolerates lukewarm Cream of Broccoli and Chicken noodle soup with the tiny noodles.