I went to my gyno on Tuesday after I felt sudden pain this past Monday, he done a vaginal ultrasound and sent me to the ER for blood work and CT with contrast. Results show 2 cm cysts on each ovary with fluid but not air around the left. The doctor sent me home to follow up with my gyno.. Its now Friday and pain has spread to both side and up my back, I have milky discharge and not sure what to do;. I have called my doctor several days in a row and he hasn't gotten back to me. I haven't seen any blood and know if I feel a warm or burning feeling go to ER because it is a sign I am bleeding internally. I am 43, I know the last time I had large ovarian cysts he found them during partial hysterectomy. Anyone else have a doctor that treats them as if it's normal. This pain and the pain spreading does not seem normal to me as I had my gallbladder removed 5 months ago and the pain is right below gallbladder area on right side and same pplace on left causing me to worry a little I have abdominal swelling putting pressure on my pancreas.

Any suggestions. I may be just worrying too much but just lost a friend to pancreatitis a week ago and don't know if cysts could fill up abdomen and me not be aware of it and cause other issues.