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It has been two months since I had the Novasure procedure, and I am thrilled to report that I have not had a period! Yeah! I have had my usual PMS symptoms, but I haven't even spotted.

My doctor told me that 70% of women never have another cycle, and the remaining 30% have a light cycle, but I never dreamed that I would fall into the 70% category so I am beyond thrilled!

I would encourage everyone out there that is thinking about having this procedure done, to speak to their doctor and ask them what their success rate has been. Also, please note that the balloon ablation and the Novasure procedure are completely different and the balloon procedure is not as effective because the entire uterine cavity cannot be treated as it can with the Novasure.

Good luck to everyone, and I will continue to update you on my progress.


I am 32 yrs old, mother of two boys, not planning on any more children. I feel like Novasure is for me, I have an appointment in Aug with my Gynecologist to discuss this procedure. I just wonder if you are still doing well. Oh, and who is your doctor that did this procedure for you?