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I've been with my girlfriend for 10 months and have been having protected and unprotected sex (depending on availability of condoms... she is also on BC). She claims she was tested and was 100% clean right before she met me. She also doesn't cheat.

Last weekend she was on her period so she gave me a ha****b with some scented/flavored lubricant. I didn't shower for about 18-24 hours later. About 4 days later I noticed that I have 3 pimples on the head of my penis. Or, at least I like to think they are pimples. They are painless, don't itch, don't ooze, but also don't look like they can be popped.

I never had sex without a condom before her. I've been with 6 girls over the last 5 years... 2 were virgins, 3 only have been with 1 other guy, and the other 1 had 3 or 4, but was younger (she was 15 and I was 17) and took place about 5 years ago.

I'm probably just overreacting any additional informaiton would be helpful... thanks ahead of time!


Hi Jestermobile,

I think you're having a terrible problem :-(

Do you remember the lubricant you used? My wife and I have always used the flavored lubricant we buy in here:


and still (after 3 years of using it) had no problems nor pimples nor anything like that.

If they don't hurt, actually doesn't matter. The problem is that you didn't have them before.

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