I Am wondering If maybe I could still possibly be pregnant, my last period was on april 10 2010, I didn't have a period at all in May, so I decided to take a hpt being 2 weeks late, of course it was negative, so I waited another week, took another hpt and got a very faint positive, then a few days later I came down with what I assumed to be the flu was in bed for 4 days and then I had a very sore throat, a few days later I took another hpt and it was negative then on june 4th I started spotting very light pink discharge for 2 days then on the 3rd day it was light brown and then nothing, decided to take another hpt and it was again negative, my nipples are now sore to the touch I have very mild cramping and have had mild cramping on and off since my last period was suppose to be due......i am hoping to be pregnant very much and hoping for the best, but could I be pregnant or was this just a very off cycle????