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Hi all,

As you can tell from the subject, im male and 21 with a very strong sex drive. I get myself off a good extent when I am not able to see my girlfriend. I have had sex with 5 girls, both with and without a condom, but have never been able to cum during sex or oral with any of them. I dont feel much when having sex either, maybe due to a low sensitivity? Im of average size and have had sex with "tighter" women, but i still dont feel very much and thus i am not very stimulated. I am uncircumcised. I can get myself off fine and very quickly if I want, and am not nervous or hesitant about sex or oral in any way.

Is there a reason why I can't orgasm during sex or oral? Is there any reason for having such a low sensitivity that I can barely feel the fact that I am in a girl? Is there anyway to fix it?


Hey dude, me too have the same problem. Although slightly unsevere. I have cum some times, but other times i get it in, pump severally then it dysfunctions- end up not to the orgasm. I fail to understand why? I have tried concentration, but failed. Tried some herbal options but nay.

Secondly, got this other secondary problem. Once i ejeculate first time, second time sex never erects. Is it erectile dysfunction? begun sex life when i turned twenty three; and this problm has been on till now; am now thirty. What do i need to do- do not want to be embarased when i tie the knot, ha!