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Im a 21 yr old female who loves sex and has had plenty of it
but i never had a orgasm, by myself or otherwise
Ive been masturbating since about 4 yrs old and i never cum
i just stop when im a lil less turned on and can function without sex on my mind
during sex vaginal penetration is the only thing that really works
oral sex pales in comparisons and nipple action is useless
penetration feels good/great depending on size of partner and how turned on i am
but i never have that one moment of release that everyone talks about
im done when he is done, unless he is taking way too long
i want to orgasm and female viagra is online for 97 cents a pill


I have the same problem. have you tried talking to a geno?


Dear Guest,

It seems you may be suffering from either a lack of pleasure. The human body is a wonderful thing but each and everyone of us can be tricky when it comes to the old playing in bed, the female body more so.

When you try masturbating, you've said you masturbate until you feel less aroused and then go about your day. Have you tried continuing on after you begin feeling less aroused? Stimulating yourself more may hold the key to your desirable orgasm.

You also mentioned that oral stimulation is better to you than breast stimulation. You should try having your partner pay more attention to the clitoris then the vaginal lips themselves. If manual play, such as finger insertion is comfortable for you, then have your partner try stimulating your G-spot.

Also, sexual arousal can be lost or gained during the few days leading up to your menstrual cycle and even during. I understand it can be a messy situation for some women but If you find yourself becoming "hot and heavy" during your cycle, try masturbating in the shower. It's clean and can yield your desired results.

Lastly, dryness. Yes, being dry during sex or masturbation can lead to the prolonged inability to orgasm. Should you find yourself without any personal lubrication, supplements such as KY jelly or other water based lubricants (do not use oil based lubricants) can moisten your vagina and allow for you to achieve an orgasm.

If you believe this problem is beginning to effect your daily life, which in your case the inability to orgasm for 4 years, you really need to speak to your obstetrician/gynecologist, or OB/GYN, to discuss any hormonal deficiencies that could be present.


I was exactly the same as you. 

Nipple play did nothing, Oral was alright but nothing I would get excited over. Penetration feels great when turned on.

Then i tried ANAL. Trust me. Before you go seek medical advice, try anal. If you have a long term boyfriend you are sorted. If not there are plenty of toys you can try out. 

After 5 years of thinking I was pretty much broken, my boyfriend put his fingers there and I haven't looked back since. Buy LOADS of WATERBASED lube and RELAX your MIND. 

The best position I have found (with partner) lay on your front and let him come from behind, laying down on you as he pushes inside you, with his hand between you and the bed, playing with your clit. 

Works everytime. 

Good luck.