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Well i had unprotected sex October 15 (the pull out method) , i had my October period before that, then i got my next period November 8th all the way to the 13th. Then i had sex November 18th with my boyfriend with a condom but it broke (on my second or first fertile day). I just felt i was pregnant so i took a pregnancy test November 20 and it came out negative then i took one December 9 like 2 days after my missed period (i think, not sure) and it came out positive so i went to the doctor December 11 i was 4 weeks and 5 days at the time and i didnt have any doubts that my boyfriend was the dad. until i got my first ultrasound at 13 weeks and they said that im really 14 weeks but that cant be because it doesn't add up with my lmp and im forsure on my lmp . by my lmp im due august 15 but by the ultrasound im due august 8 ! I just been really stressing since my first ultrasound im measuring a week ahead ! My boyfriend knew i was pregnant before me because he said it broke but i didn't believe him until i took a pregnancy test . can anyone help me out ? who do you think the dad is ? ( dont judge me) i didn't have any doubts until my first ultrasound :/


It is likely that the baby is just measuring big is all.  My baby was always measuring small and tried to push the due date back but my OB said nope, the time line with your LMP is what I am sticking by - he didn't go by the ultrasound ever.  My friend with IVF knows when she conceived and the ultrasound techs said that it was this much earlier and she knew that was not possible because the injections, so like I said, probably baby measuring big.

Hope this helps