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Hi I really need some advice ASAP I am 33 weeks pregnant and some strange stupid reason I have not thought of this since but I had a one night stand on the 8 of November 2015 with my ex and Tjen got back with my partner I came on my period on the 20th on November for 5 days and then found out I was pregnant on the 23 of December I done a clear blue test and it said 2 plus weeks and I went for a scan on the 6th of January and it said I was 5 weeks 4 days does this mean there is a chance that this baby could be my exs and not my current partners please help I going out my mind !!!! 


Hi Guest,

If you had a normal period on 20 November then it is unlikely you were pregnant then and your partner is the father.

The clear blue test and the scan test dates are estimates.  Nothing can tell exactly how many days along you are, not even your doctor.  

Most doctors would use your lmp date to calculate your due date - which is 26 August.