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Hi guys.

I found out i was pregnant a week ago after no period n all the usual pregnancy symptoms (i have 3 other children so i know when im pregnant) the lines on the pregnancy tests were fainter than the control line but clearly visable. I originally went in to the walk in centre as id had some bleeding in the night which concerned me, they did a pregnancy test which was also positive but they said io needed to be referred by my doctor for an early scan to check things were ok. so off we went to the doctors who wanted another urine sample to test, but this time the doctor said it was negative.

When he showed me, myself and my partner pointed out that it was positive, there was 2 lines, 1 fainter than the other, however he said they needed to be the same colour! he even had the instructions in his hand which said one line can be lighter than the other! I tried to argue with him but it was pointless.

And he wouldn't refer me for a scan without a positive pregnancy test. He had the urine sent away which is flipping ridiculous as i went there to get referred to the scanning department as an emergency. But now i have to wait for that to come back before anyone will do anything. Im also going away on monday for a week, pre booked and paid for so im going to have to go away not knowing if the baby's ok! Where i could have got referred 2moro that wont happen now cos of waiting for this urine sample to come back 2moro!!

The doctor was making out like i was crazy and that i couldn't possibly be pregnant cos his lil stick didnt say i was!

Has anyone else had this happen??

I told him the sensitivity on the tests they do might not have been as good as the pregnancy tests i did but he was having none of it!

Im so angry.


Hi xrachelxb86
My prayers for you sweetie !!! Sounds to me like you are pregnant. My pregnancies with my 3 boys ALL had one faint line. The test line is for the test, as you know, and the other line has chemicals that are sensitive to any HCG in your body.
Listen, your doc should know this. Sounds to me like he/she must have some sort of issue with someone telling he/she that they are wrong. I would go to a different doctor, let your insurance or med company know that the doctor is not giving you the service that you feel you should have. A blood pregnancy test will confirm this also, and will also tell the doc and you how the HCG levels are. The HCG levels will climb the further along you are in pregnancy.
I dont know why this doc didnt perform a blood test to verify. It is my understanding that any questionable light line would indicate positive, and the doctor would want to run the blood test to verify the pregnancy, but also to see the HCG levels and to make sure that they are climbing, as they should as the pregnancy progresses.
Dont stress yourself young lady.... He will take care of you, and things will be alright. I would suggest finding another person to provide you with the medical services you need.




Thanks for your reply. The urine the doctor sent off came back positive, the doctor said "you are in fact pregnant", i said I KNOW I AM, I told you i am!!! . . we had an interesting converstaion over the phone which involved me telling him he obviously needed more training haha, I told him the best urine was in the morning etc which could be why it was fainter at the doctors, but that you dont get a f alse pregnancy let alone 4!!

It was too late to get me a scan in for today since he messed about sending urine off, so unfortunately i have to wait until i get back from my holiday to make sure things are ok, he even booked the scan for the day we told him we'd be returning!

Where I live (in the UK) the doctors here are rubbish. They had all my history infront of them, showing iv had miscarriages etc and he still couldnt get his finger out of his arse! Still, my care from now on is carried out in a different hospital 2 hours away when im pregnant due to genetic problems wev had in the past. Its a fair journey for scans and to get there when i deliver but they're brilliant so its worth it! Had my Sophie and Leon there . . i dont trust anywhere else, not after what the local hospital did when i lost my son Sean.So i wont be seeing that id**t doctor again. Just midwives appointments here . . the midwives are pretty c**p too but barable ha!



CONGRATS !!!! You lucky girl. Please keep me posted and let me know how you are doing, ok? I am assuming that is socialized medicine over there? That is what they want to do here.... what do you think about it? Blessings and hugs !!!



Hi Hizgrace . . .are you on msn on facebook?

Yes il keep you posted!

yes socialized medicine . . i think its a good thing, everyone should have access to the same levels of
care. There are of course the downsides, i think the elderly get overlooked over here in the UK which really angers me. But on the whole i have to side with it as when i pregnant a few years back we had genetic problems with our baby which required numerous scans etc which id never have been able to afford without the system we have set up here.

I like the idea of having a social insurance if you like . . i dont have to worry if me or my kids get sick. We fund the NHS so we're protected when we get ill. We all protect each other. I like the idea if being in it together :-)