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Hello. I’m 27 year old female and I was wondering could anybody help with my problem. I have never had any problems similar to this and I can’t resolve the cause of it.
Recently I have noticed that my groin glands are a bit swollen. I don’t know what could be the cause. Only thing I afraid of is that it could be consequence of some sexually transmitted disease. My friend told me that this couldn’t be the cause. He sad that it could be from some inflammation that spread through blood around my body.
Could this be true? Could it be something more serious and should I contact my general practitioner?


Hi, I think I could help you because I have experienced similar symptoms last year.
I have also noticed the swelling of my groin glands and also my axillary’s glands. I contacted my GP and, after he did some blood testing, he diagnosed me with acute bronchitis.
It was very difficult inflammation and bacteria which cause this spread through the body and caused general inflammation accompanied with lymph nodes swelling. I drank some antibiotics for about two weeks and my symptoms were gone.
Of course it could be caused be some STD and you should consider visiting your gynecologist for examination.
But, I must tell you that the reason of your swelling could be also much serious disease like cancer.
Carcinoma cervicis uteri often cause that kind of swelling and give first metastases in lumbar spine and inguinal lymph nodes.
You will be sure only when you seek for medical help. After blood examination right cause can be easily determined.