My 4 yr old daughter received 7 dissolvable stitches along the sides & across the lower portion of finger nail 17 days ago... When looking at it, it looks good, not infected still a little bit of blackening along the cuticle of her nail. She also fractured the tip of her finger & has loose bone fragments. I do not like looking at it, or touching it. We just neosporin it & bandage during the day & nothing at night, but the stitches are very visible & big on the sides of her finger..i ant really see them along her nail bed..also, her actual nail was removed prior to the stitches. So with it being 17 days & the stitches still very visible is this ok?? Do I just let them go? Do I stil neosporin & cover the nail? Also, with the tip of her bone being pretty damaged do I go see a specialist?? Or get another xray?? Or do we just let the loose bone be??? She seems to be doin ok, it still seems to bother heroccasionally..if she bumps it, or uses her right hand alot & is like bumping it, she seems to complain that it hurts a while later. If you are wondering what happened, a 200pd broken mcdonalds bathroom door slamed on it while she was there with her preschool. Great call to receive at work. "we think ur daughter may have severed her finger..please come quick!"