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My baby girl, 5 weeks old, has not had bowel movement for third day now. I have read that this seems to be normal for infants who are breastfeeding. This is my first child and I would love to help her if I can. I have tried to rub her tummy and do exercise with her legs, but except gas there is no bowel movement :-( Thank you for giving me advice.


It is perfectly normal for a baby who is breastfed to have gases and no bowel movements. My sister has two children so I know something about this. She says that her pediatrician said that this is normal because baby is metabolizing all the breast milk.

You can continue with rubbing her tummy and exercises with the legs but if you notice that there is no bowel movement in a couple of days than you should consult with your doctor. And avoid giving some mixed juices to her or some medications. It is better to ask pediatrician than to try resolve this on your own.

Let us know about the results and how long did you have to wait before your child’s bowel movement get back to normal.