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My newborn boy is very constipated. He only poops once a day and it takes him 20 minutes of straining to do so. The result is little balls that are rock hard. Really. They don't smush at all.My pediatrician recommended extra water. We tried that for a week. There was no change. Then she said to try putting Dark Karo syrup in his bottles. I've been doing that for a week now and still using extra water, though not as much. Still no change. He's got little hemerroids now.


Maybe you should try to change your nutrition habits. Since it is a newborn baby and you are still breastfeeding maybe you should try to eat some other type of food. There are two kinds of breast milk: foremilk (the "first" milk) and hind milk (at the hind end). The foremilk comes right away and it is more plentiful, but has less fats and calories than the hind milk. Getting hind milk (not just foremilk) is the key to a healthy breastfed baby and regular bowel movements.


It has been a while since you have posted this question so I am curious have you resolved your problem and what the real cause of it was if you have find out. Thank you in advance.