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This is my first time being pregnant and I'm 5 weeks 5 days along. I've been bleeding brown/pink blood for almost 2 weeks but only notice when I wipe. Last night I was passing a bowl movement and saw bright red blood, 15 minutes later I checked again and the bright red blood turned into brown blood and then it stopped. I checked this morning and there is still brown blood when I wipe only. I get cramps here and there but not in excruciating pain. My blood work is fine and my hormone levels are going up (had 3 blood tests). Is this common? I've been doing my research and some people say its very common and others are saying its not which is confusing me, plus my doctor is not helpful. I am very nervous.. Would appreciate your thoughts!!  


Number one advice: find a doctor that you ARE comfortable with and can get reliable info from during this time when you will have a lot of questions for him or her.  If you have been to the doctor and they have checked you and think you are fine and your HCG levels are going up then you are not in imminent danger of a miscarriage - when your levels start to decrease is when you need to be worried.  Remember advice on forums is everyone's personal experiences and as you know they all differ so please take any advice with a grain of salt but do find a new OB doctor that is knowledgeable in pregnancy.

Good luck and hope this helps some