Hi everybody. Im 30 years old and was expecting my 1st baby! I was ecstatic.. I was 6wks along.. On sun. Feb.10 i felt some sharp pains and a little spotting and i started freaking out. I called my sis to ask was this normal, she has 3 beautiful girls so she would know right? She said as long as i wasnt clotting or bleeding heavy i was fine.. So i went to bed. I couldnt sleep something said go to the e.r.. So mon morning my boyfriend and i went to the e.r, they did a whole lot of blood work and a reg and vaginal ultrsound and told me by the measurements of my baby that it was only 5wks and couldnt detect a heartbeat.. I was.devastated.. The.doctor told me to follow up with an ob and they will decide if i neede to do a d and c or the pill... I opted for the d and c i just couldnt bare the fact of me losing my baby in a pad or toilet... The doc and nurses were very comforting it was painless and little blood... I hope i never have to go through this again my boyfriend has been my rock as well as my friends and family just pray and stay encourage time heals all wounds... Hugs and kisses to all going through the same..