First off 4 days in. Not to bad. Felt onset of withdrawls 17 hours after last 2mgs. Second I was a major heroin addict earlier in my life. My worst habit was close to 2 bundles a day of fabulous junk. Took me countless spots to find it, but as a good addict I found it. Anyways after multiple stints in the joint and 3 rehabs I was ready to quit. Got on the suboxone and it was a life saver. Problem is I was on it close to 6 years. Weaned down to 2 mg and just jumped 4 days ago. Its actually not that bad compared to a good dope habit. Even a 5 bagger a day suboxone withdrawal doesn't really compare. Can barely sleep, have the jimmie legs a good amount of the time. Feeling crappy most deff. Ive been smoking massive amounts of cush and its helping some what. Anyways its do able. My question is to the board and anyone else is, have you ever gotten bloody diaherra from wd's ???? IT has never happened to me and I've withdrawn 100 times. What the hell is going on ??? Should I be worried ??? I just happened to me twice within the past hour this morning since I woke up. I did drink red Gatorade last night and have barely eaten much other than a slice of pizza last night. Should I be worried ???? This is very strange and I hear nothing about it on other boards.