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i had an extended amount of sex with my ex girlfriend 3 days ago. unprotected. i was the last person she'd been with and she was the last person i'd been with. all together i'd only been with her and a virgin. anyway. when we used to date a couple months back after having sex i would have a non itchy or painful red rash appear similar to haveing clogged pores or something around where it made contact with her. well i had completely forgotten about that until i looked yesterday at my genitals. the spots are there slightly/they go away in a few days but there's a random red blister like spot on my ball sac. it releases pus when i squeeze on it and a little bit of blood if i squeeze too hard. i've had ingrown hairs before and i dont htink it's that because i dont see a hair inside of it, although it on a pour i think but unlike a pimple. i'm afraid to go to the doctor and i don't want to go if it's nothing. i'm just trying to figure out what i should do about this. no other symptoms/burning urination no oozing no discharge. this is too much of a coincidence. could i possibly be allergic to her vaginal fluid?


Sounds to me like a boil (sp?). I get them after long-sweaty sex. (sorry not trying to be too descriptive). I've never gotten them on my sac. It sounds like an infected pimple/boil. I get them on the part between your legs that connects your penis to your mid-section (I can't, for the life of me think of what it's called)

On second thought --
I do remember having one like that on my sac, it was by my left testicle. Really red.. Didn't have a head, squeezed it and puss/blood came out. Sounds like a boil/infected pimple. If it comes back, or you get more, you might want to consider seeing a doctor if they become painful.