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I would like to know how i can help my mom. She was subject to a prank which i think was hateful and i don't think it was a prank to begin with. She said that about 20 years ago ecxtasy was slipped into her drink or a type of drug similar to ex. I don't know how long this drug has been around. What i am asking is what are the symptoms and side effects of this drug and are there prolonged side effects. I need to know so i can help her cope with the situation she is going throught now. I don't know if the effects of this drug come back after a certain period of time because she was fine up until about 3 years ago and there are unusual things that she is feeling. She feel paranoid about being around strangers, men or women. She finally got the nerve to tell me her son of 28 years of age. When she is around men she has a desire for those men whether they are young or old and i know and she tells me that she is not that type of person. She says its the same effects she felt when that drug was slipped into her drink. I know my mother is not insane or anything and i would like to her her cope with the situation she is going through right now.
Thank you for yuor time and please give me an answer or point me in the right direction.


Hi! It seems that ecstasy was present even before the world war II but was not as popular as it is today. That kind of drugs could have caused feeling of paranoia and all the other symptoms your mother had but that feeling couldn’t arise again after the twenty years from that same drug.

Is she taking some sorts of medications? For calming down, or something similar? Is it possible that she is not telling you about some medications she has been using to relax or something? I also don’t think that your mother’s insane but she certainly has a problem and it may be due to menopause or she may be experiencing some problems with the imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain that nobody knows what could be causing it.

To be honest, there isn’t much you can do for your mother except be supportive and understanding but she certainly needs to see a doctor who has the knowledge about these things and who can find out what the matter is.

If she doesn’t have an insurance or money to pay for a doctor, there are some doctors who are part of the social service. You may look up their phone numbers in the yellow pages or try to consult any doctor who will then refer you and your mother to a proper doctor. I hope your mother gets better soon!