A Chinese woman offered her mother in marriage to anyone who could pay her medical bills as she suffered from cancer.
The daughter explained that she and her brothers could not afford the $6,000 of the medical bills needed for their mother’s treatment.

The online advert was posted in desperation but not without her mother’s approval. Her appeal did capture the public's attention in China but it is still not known if anyone made any offers.
Previously, the woman and her brother spend all their savings to pay for their father’s bills when he fell ill from cancer. They had borrowed money from relatives and friends but the father eventually died.

The family is already in debts and there is no one to help them.
The advert was her only chance and she says she doesn’t regret it although there are so many people judging her. She says she doesn’t care if this helps save her mother.

Chinese public has different believes. Some people feel that this was a shameful act and a violation of Chinese traditional value of filial piety while others believe it was a good move to attract media’s attention and raise money to pay for the treatment bills.