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Hi! So I have been having crampy, sharp stomache pains off and on for a couple of weeks now. A few days ago, the pain became more frequent and radiated from my lower abdomen to my back and sides. Ive had next to no appetite for about a week now as well. I also had abnormal vaginal bleeding. I then went to the hospital, I was told I have a kidney infection. I have been taking antibiotics for 3 days now and the pain has not subsided, but gotten worse. I still have sharp pains in my lower back, but It is now a sharp and burning pain throughout my abdomen. I woke up this morning with very tender, sore breasts. I also woke up feeling extremely tired and jut generally sore and tired. I have taken numerous pregnancy tests, including one done at the hospital that have all been negative. I have not been feeling right and starting to get very frustrated. :(


Hello Ashleigh, 

while you were at hospital, did they do an ultrasound? That would reveal if besides kidney infection you might also be suffering from kidney stones or, since you experienced vaginal bleeding as well, this might e related to ovarian or pelvic inflammation. However, depending on the antibiotics you were given, they sometimes can cause disturbances in your menstrual cycle, irregular bleeding or spotting.

Like you said, pregnancy would definitely be detected by now, but if you have another appointment scheduled - you should definitely try to get an ultrasound done and if the pain doesn't subside, you'll definitelly need to have another checkup done.