I'm a 17 year old female, and I had gastric flu about 3.5 weeks ago, which lasted for about two weeks. it was the usual vomiting + stomach cramps + diarrhoea that comes with gastric flu! it went away for a few days, but then I kept getting these episodes of diarrhoea and cramps, which lasted for a day or two. I didn't think much of it, but last week I had another episode and my stomach hasn't been right since. I keep getting these sharp pains in my upper abdomen (just below my chests) right when I start eating, and I get this feeling of something in my throat very soon into my meal; as a result I'm not able to eat very much. also a lot of noises from my stomach and I guess my intestinal area... it's worrying me because I went to see the doctor again, who said its just weak intestines from the gastric flu, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better :( it's worse today, the pain hasn't gone away since about 6hours ago. does anyone have any ideas? thanks a lot!!