I'll try to keep my history brief.

In February 2008 I delivered my daughter, I knew I was going to need my gallbladder removed and my doctor had planned to schedule my surgery after I recovered from delivery. 10 days after her birth I was admitted to the hospital, I ended up very ill, I had an ERCP with a sphincterotomy (the doc said he couldn't even count how many stones I had since there were so many). 2 days later I had my gallbladder removed. I ended up with a liver that started failing and with a severe case of pancreatitis along with a pseudocyst. I was in the hospital on TPN for 6 weeks, and was released after 7 weeks. After coming home I managed with pain meds and a cocktail of other meds while things healed. After nearly a year I was down to only taking pain meds as needed and Lyrica. I just had another baby on March 23rd. I did pretty well my entire pregnancy - I had pain but tolerated it. Since delivery I have had 5 - 6 episodes of severe pain, they all come on very suddenly and are severe, enough to stop me totally in my tracks and I am unable to talk through the pain. This lasts for maybe 5-10 minutes and then begins to subside, I deal with a dull aching pain the rest of the day that is on my right ride and radiates around to my back. Has anyone ever had anything like this? Right now I'm not on any meds, but I'm seriously considering making an appt with my doc to at least have some pain meds on hand for these pain episodes. I know that my doc believes the residual pain I am having is from scar tissue, and that it will continue to improve. I've had great bloodwork results for my lipase and amalyse levels in the past. Has anyone had so much pain from scar tissue? Did it ever improve?