My husband was in the hospital for five days with  very bad case pancreatitis back in February of this year.  His numbers were very high and they didn't allow him to eat the first four days, had him on an IV the whole time, then started him on broth the 4th day and 5th day.  Then light diet after he got home.  The doctors werent very informative on things but they did tell him to stop drinking and chewing tobacco, and that those two things probably were the cause of this problems.  Needless to say he didn't take to the advice of not drinking or chewing anymore. Started drinking with in 5 days of being out of the hospital because the was out of pain and "felt great".  -- Both our adult children and I have noticed that alcohol affects him differently now. He only drinks beer but just 3 beers in about an hours time make him drunk (where he used to be able to drink plenty more before he was that way).  -- Im not making excuses because none of us in the family are ok with this, just trying to prove to him that this is not a good thing, so he will stop.

Has anyone else drank after having a pancreatitis and had this same affect?  Thanks.