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I am reading a lot of the posts and getting a lot of useful information, I wondered if someone could give me and idea of how long it usually takes to recover from an attack?  Forgive me for sounding naive, but I see that there is no definte answers.  I was told I had a mild attack, so I feel so bad for all the people that I am reading their stories.  It  has been about a month and I still have pain after eating and I am not really sure how to determine what is causing it (I have been on a low fat diet since the attack, never really drank - some times socially - but not in years).  I'm just wondering, will the pain never go away, will it lessen - what is normal, am I doing something wrong?   I appreciate any thoughts, thank you and bless you all.


From what I know, an attack usually subsides in about 2 weeks or so.  Is the pain you have after eating the same type of pain you had with the pancreatitis?  You may want to go have it checked again if it doesn't resolve.  Are you having any other symptoms at all like swollen abdomen or fever/chills?  If the stomach pains are like the last time, it may be the pancreatitis flaring up again.  I know there isn't much that can be done for pancreatitis but the change in diet.  I imagine the doctor will tell you to do the same as what you have been doing.  I hope it all gets better for you soon.