I just discovered this site. I have been suffering from pancreatitis since July 2016. From May until August 2017 I have had 10 attacks. Some of them I stayed home. Others I was hospitalized for. And others while in the hospital they gave me an IV with pSin meds and then sent me home. 

In 2009 I had gastric bypass and now all of a sudden in 2016 I started having these attacks. At first they were occasional but now about every couple of weeks or so. 

Doctors can't tell me why the frequency. Or what is causing this. I am being referred to another GI DR in Toronto. Possibly having a double balloon endoscopy. But I won't find out until next year if they will go through with this procedure. 

My in town GI DR has told me that every time I have an attack I must go to ER as pancreatitis can be fatal. 

I just wish they would have answers for me. I have stopped totally drinking alcohol and wine. And just drink water. I even have reminders on my phone to drink water in case I forget.