I had been experiencing horrible stomach attacks since mid November, and visited the ER twice to only be told there was nothing wrong with me and perhaps I had the flu.  A Abdominal CT scan and a MRI of my abdomen, were negative.  After visiting a Dr. Of Gastroninology he suspected a stone in my bionary duct.  I had a scoping done on January 20, 2017.  During the removal of a stone in my bile duct, I experienced bleeding, and a metal stint was applied.  The Doctor also did a sphincterotomy of the sphincter of Oddi.  Because the Doctor suspected my pancreas to react to these procedures, I was hospitalized.  I spent the next 5 days in the hospital.  I have never experienced pain like this.  It took over 10 hours to finally get my pain under control.  I was only given fluids by IV for three days and then slowly moved to soft liquids.  I was given Dilaudid as a pain reliever, and took it for four days at home.  I just finished a 5 day script for Augmentin.  As of yesterday,  I have been experiencing the same stomach "attacks" IAd prior to the scoping.  The last two nights have been unbearable with no sleep mainly because of night sweats and pain. II feel exhausted, but can't sleep. I feel like I have swallowed a brick.  The pressure on my right upper abdomen is horrible.  Is this pain normal after a pancreatic attack.  If so, how long will these symptoms last?