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I recently had four mole removed on my back and face and the biopsies came back good for all but the one on my upper back near my shoulder. They said the results were abnormal, but they got it all and they want to remove more moles from my back. I have several flat brown freckle-like spots "moles" and i counted almost 15 spots. So what did the abnormal result mean?



The fact is that most moles on our body do not cause any problems but some can cause many skin issues and even they can develop in to cancer as well. The fact that your mole biopsy has showed abnormalities means that the best option for you would be to remove all of the moles that you have in that area just to be safe and to prevent any unwanted complications. Also you have to be careful when you expose your skin to the sun because this might have negative effect on your moles. Do you have any pain around the moles? I hope that this helped you in any way.


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