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I Had sex with ma Gf on the 18 of September and in October 1st Or say 5th should let her see her Mens but she did not and also i did used a condom as prescribed when done saw the Sperm in the Condom safe but dont know how she did not see her mens can u please help me out on what kind of meds i should buy for her to take cos she doesnt like us getting a child now pleaseee.....


OK, you do at least appear to be both rational and concerned for her well-being, and not simply for yours, which is encouraging.

You also point out that you used a condom, so you are also responsible. That is both good in general, and good in this particular instance, because if she is indeed pregnant, it will be a great support to her to have someone with her who is responsible, and caring.

Because nature does not enjoy being messed with, and aborting a pregnancy isn't just taking an Advil or aspirin - it will have an effect, on her, that she chose to do it, or not, as the case may be. So aborting, as far as I know and sincerely hope, has not yet become a matter for online prescription in the US, Canada or UK - certainly not here in the UK.

She will have to go to a clinic, who will be concerned for her well-being in every sense, who will want to ensure that she understands the choices she is making, that she is properly informed, and then, yes, whatever she decides to do, they will support.

You have shown responsibility and consideration. While she's experiencing this, you can reflect on how to live up to that responsibility, by giving consideration as to how you would support and raise a child if she or another partner chose to go through with it.

Good luck with the clinic, but remember: babies aren't an inconvenience, they are the reason the human race exists.


Hello Jeremiaz you are very right on that but what i meant is that her parent will never be happy with her and for me i do like the pregnancy but for her she is afraid and never wants to give birth at this time so she wants to abort it and it has not reached to any long period of time say 1month so i need help in to her abortion cos she is much stress and so confused which is also making me feel bad cos she never wants to give birth here and so she never wants to stay with me she wants me to give her some funds for her to travel outside Ghana to start a new life there while she doesn't know anyone over there then when she delivers a baby she will come down to beg for forgiveness and also were she would be going is very not advisable for her to go cos she doesn't know anyone and am not happy of her going if i gives her the money to do that such things i truly loves her much so then never wants to put her into much troubles what if she goes and never returns never know please Jeremiaz tell me what to do for her pregnancy to be aborted i never wants her to go through pains and thinking so all she wants is to abort the pregnancy and so i want do as she pleads then we continue with our life for will never touch her again till we are okay please....


Dear Tash, I do appreciate the clear concern you have for her well-being.

In the extra information you have provided, it seems to me if I understand correctly that she is in Ghana?

I am afraid that as a UK citizen I am broadly familiar with only how western (US, UK, Canada in particular, also Western Europe) societies provide facilities for aborting pregnancies.

I have no information, I'm sorry, on facilities in other countries, though I can imagine that not every society has taken the 'woman's right to abort' to heart and so provided the hospitals and clinics to make it possible.

If you or she is a citizen or has a valid reason or is able to travel to one of these countries, and visit a clinic, then I am sure that someone there can advise her.

If you can specify more accurately your country and her country, I may be able to think of some more useful options, but I do appreciate that time is passing.

You show great concern for her, and I am glad that you are willing to be there for her through this. Please let me know your two countries and citizenships, and ability to travel, and we will see if we can get her the advice she needs.