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I just had a medical abortion yesterday and I feel horrible. The day of the appointment the ultrasound tech stated I was pregnant with twins. I became extremely emotional. The reason for terminating was because me and my partner weren't ready and had a slip up which led to me becoming pregnant. I am an emotional wreck now and I have prayed for God's forgiveness. Lord knows I hope to be able to conceive again. This was hard for me and I know it's going to take some time to heal. My prayers to all that have had to make this hard decision for whatever reasons. 


I'm very sorry for what happened.
I have never experienced it but I have watched my friend go through it.
She has started feeling better after she attended some support group and now she also campaigns against it and gets relief from situations when she can talk someone away from it.

There is a reason why this happened and God will lead you to better tomorrow.
I read from the nde experiences that aborted babies are in heaven and they are ok. It was about a boy who nearly died. He saw heaven and there was his brother that he never knew he had. He was well there and he wanted his mom to forgive herself. He told his mom afterwards this and they were amazed that he knew that since they never told him.

Take care.