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At the age of 18 I had a daughter, carried full term, absolutely no problems very healthy pregnancy, I never had any miscarriages or any reproductive problems. A few months after having my daugher I found out I was pregnant again. I decided to have an abortion for many reasons. this was 15 years ago. As far as i know I didnt have any problems. I was young and uninformed, so have no idea what type of procedure I had. I went with a group of women into a room then one by one we were ushered in to a single room and then after procedure back out into a group to sit for 30 minutes and then to be ushered out to car to leave. I went home with no information. I have not been on ANY birth control for around 12 years now and have NEVER gotten pregnant. It is NOT the man, tht has been proven. Supposedly I am ovulating, I have regular periods and no problems but do not get pregnant. I havent gone further into seeing if i have scarring in my uterus bc it is a costly procedure. Im 35 now and had always wanted another child but feel its too late now. Any opinions on whther it would be even worth it to see whats wrong with me? or just give up and say its God's will?


Hi Jenn,

See a fertility specialist, your partner too.  Sometimes there are genetic incompatibilities. 

At a minimum you can expect to have a complete physical and internal exam.  Your partner will also have a sperm count performed. 

Good luck.