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Starting today I am going to be doing 100 crunches, 100 squats, and 15 sit ups everyday. I will also be eating special K blueberry cereal and a salad for lunch and dinner. About how much weight can I lose before June 10?


A lot if you don't get sick, but you'll probably gain it back afterwards... protein is very important. From my experience, if you cut sugar and 50% of carbs (bread, rice), and eat 4-5 smallish meals with lean protein (chicken, fish, almonds, yogurt) and vegetables/fruits, you'll get healthier results. Also, don't drink your calories (no juice, soda, even milk is just so-so). 

Now, if you're really in a hurry, don't neglect cardio, about 35/40 minutes a day.

As for crunches/squats/sit ups, they're always good exercises, they just seem like really random numbers though.. you would be able to do 100 squats, but only 15 sit ups ... ?

Anyways, following those guidelines, you'll probably lose about 10 pounds a month without getting sick because you stopped eating.

A lot of people want to lose a lot of weight quickly when summer is coming, and most nutritionists would say it's a long term thing and you should be aiming for a pound a week. I think it's best to compromise, work out hard while eating healthy (but enough), and look at about a 2,5 pound/week loss, so 10/month. Afterwards, you create a healthy lifestyle for yourself, and keep that weight off permanently.