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I am about 5"2 and i weight 160lbs.
i am planing to lose about 45lbs to 50lbs
is that a possible amount for 3months?
if it is how should i plan it? i quit on eatting school lunch because
i noticed that it was all fat and junk food like.
i am a junior in highschool
i have about 1 hour to excersize right after dinner.
what are the most effective excersizes in losing weight?
i really want to succeed in this so give me some good and accurate replys. also some back pains have developed over 2years ago which was when i reached 140lbs and
it was also when i slowed in growing.
my back pain is serious and last year when i did about 40sit ups and average of 30 push ups
now i can only do 5 of each because my back is horrible. and i heard that back pain issue can be
developed when i gain a lot of weight. also my doctor said to lose weight because im over weight for my
age and for my height


What does your day look like? What do you eat? What kind of activities do you perform?

Try changing habits that you have formed over the years. Make smarter choices. Cut out high calorie and fatty foods (eat cereal instead of a doughnut). If you sit around watching tv all day, try adding in some crunches, push-ups, jumping squats, sit-up while watching tv.

Try counting calories. Keep it under 1700 calories if possible. No candy, chips, syrups, sugars, carbonated beverages. NO EMPTY CALORIES!!!!!!

The most effective way i have found to lose fat for my body is to lift weights. I don't know if you are a guy or a girl, but as a guy I lift hard 3-4 times a week. This may aggravate your back. If you have access to a elliptical, you might want to run on that as much as you can on the hardest setting. Even if you only last 3-4 minutes but that could burn off a cool 200+ calories in that little amount of time.

It will be hard but continue to remember why you are doing this. Make sure the motivation never ceases to exist. You will slowly see progress. To reach your goal...calories burned> calories eaten


I'm a girl and my days is kind of busy because of all the homeworks i get.
i think i get very stressed and tired by the end of the day because of my weight.

i'll keep your advices in mind^^ thank you... i'll just hope and put your words in action
and see what the result will be!!


A little running or exercise in your day will help you to be not so tired during the day. Good luck.

BTW-How is it going so far?


well im trying to control what i'm eatting but i just got finished
with the midterms and i didnt sleep at all making me too tired to excersize
i enjoy running so i guess i'll run around :-D