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Hey, Im 15 and suffering from frequent urination, 8-10 times a day. Im very paranoid and i have anxiety, i worry loads, making myself upset. Because frequent urination has been on my mind a lot recently, i have found ive been thinking about it, and thinking about it makes me think i need the toilet when i feel a bit of urine in my bladder. Ive been drinking cranberry juice to see if that helps get rid of my paranoia by ruling out UTIs? My nipples are also tender to the touch, and ive got a bit of nausea and diarrhea. I have also found out i have tapeworm, which is where the diarrhea and nausea could be coming from? I havent got confidence to go to the doctors or tell anyone in my family. Ive suffered from a UTI before and have not yet had sex. Can anyone help?


Hello, I too am 15 and suffer from frequent urination. There was an event where i had a full bladder, and panicked. I fortuantly got to a bathroom in time, but ever since then, as the above poster if i think about going to the bathroom i have to, even if its a little.

I use to be able to go only once or twice a day, and had a very good control over my bladder; but now its every 2 hours i urinate, 3 if i am lucky.

I have not drank any cranberry juice, no nausea or diarrhea nor aching stomach. no tapeworm and no sexual experiances.