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I don't want to go back to the dermatolgist because those pills and creams are expensive with my new health plan. Has anyone tried proactive and does it work? Is there anything besides excersise and eating healthy ( which really I am pretty good with) to get rid of acne. My doctor says it has nothing to do with stress or food but come on, I don't believe that. When I eat chocolate I get pinples like crazy which sucks cause im a woman!!! And stress can make you break out. Eating stuff that has tons of antioxidents is very expensive also. Is there any new secrets out there to clear up acne...I am 21 and thuis phase should have ended already!! or am I just stuck with the usuall ways of getting rid f this.


Believe me, the reason for getting acne could be stress, no doubts!! I have been through some pretty rough times lately and it seems like the number of acne is just enlarging, not only on face but I got them on my neck, shoulders and on my upper back on both sides. This looks gross but it seems like there is no way out! I have been under a lot of stress and very anxious and this is only worsening the situation I have with acne. I still haven’t talked to my dermathologist and I know this is now urgent to do!
Also, if you smoke, it can also be the cause for acne breakout, as well as some fat and sweet food, but I recently heard that it’s been scientifically proven that eating huge amounts of chocolate is not a reason for getting acne. Weird but true, but I still don’t believe in this!
As the matter of Proactiv, I have to be honest- what I heard is that it’s like every other average cosmetic product.
You know what you should do? In the end you should go consult your dermathologist or a pharmacist, they are specialized for this kind of things and will know the best what your skin needs. I myself never buy branded cosmetic products, at the moment I am using the lotion with some antibiotics that was made at the drugstore. Maybe you should try this, it’s way cheaper!