I'm 32 years old. I had a cervical biopsy (cone) done three weeks ago for cervical polyps. I know that incompetent cervix was a risk after cone biopsy. But my doctor has said that getting pregnant and having a normal pregnancy after biopsy procedure shouldn't be an issue. After the procedure, pathology said my removed area was 2,5 cm, telling something about cervix insufficiency. I googled and found that it's actually incompetent cervix (IC). Is 2,5 cm too much? I don't know how much is left and would it be enough for me to get pregnant.  I don't have children. I had two unsuccessful pregnancies. I had miscarriage 2 years ago. Then my little boy was born at 26 weeks and he lived a day. Anyone been through this? Is it possible that IC will go away and that one day I'll be a mother? I would love to have a baby more than anything in the world. Thanks!