HI, i have a five year old daughter who has been sick for 2 years now. She has been diagnosed with epilepsy by some doctors and others say that she does not have epilepsy. she passes out for a few seconds everytime she feels unwell. She goes very pale and stiff and just falls over.

She has got worse over the past six months. She always wakes up compaining of sore belly, hot head and feeling dizzy. She has now started to vomit in the morning.she has passed out this morning but come around 20secs or so later.i can,t get any answers from the doctor she is under now as he doesn,t know what she has. Is it possible it is adominal migraines?Do u pass out when you take these type of migraines?i would like to get someones advice on this. Has anyone had these type of episodes?I am very frustrated at this stage. The doctor has starting taking her off her epilepsy meds and we are no further forward. He just says she will grow out of it. Grow out of what?