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I've wanted to change my lifestyle for a while. Nothing overly dramatic but something more simple that will help me manage my stress, help me sleep better and have a positive affect on my health. I am 53 year old single female, with grown up children that don't live near me (one lives in another country). I have struggled for years to work full time, run my home and do anything that I love (like knitting, reading, gardening etc etc). I am tired all the time, never sleep well and have had enough of always feeling sick exhausted and miserable. i live in suburbia but in a home with a garden, not a huge one but enough to look at planting some veggie patches and maybe planting a few fruit trees.

So far I have;

I have quit my job because I find it incredible stressful and have 3 weeks left.

I have quit smoking as this seems to go with starting afresh and I might have more energy.

I have joined a gym.

I am going to take the rest of the year off to organise and declutter my home and then next year look at retraining for a job in a completely different more satisfying area. I also need to regain my poor health which has been declining steadily during this year. The GP has told me it is stress related as all my medical tests came back clear.

I thought I would start off slow, that is regaining my health and then see how things pan out. Have you adopted a less stressful lifestyle? What did you do and how did it work out.


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Wow! Congratulations! Especially for quitting smoking. One of the best things you can do for yourself. 

Have you tried yoga or meditation?

Meditation helped me although I always thorugh I am not that type of person. 

Running is also my thing - so this is something that helps me relax. If that's too much for you, perhasp fast walking could be also efficient. But meditation and yoga (focus on breathing) is something that could really help.