I had a medical abortion at the beginning of September, right before Labor Day. I bled quite a bit and passed some grayish material, which they told me over the phone was the fetus. I bled off and on for a few weeks and then stopped bleeding for about a week. I started bleeding heavily for around 4-5 days, which I thought was my period and then that stopped too.

The paperwork I had, said not to have sex for 4 weeks after the abortion, so we actually waited that long. Right after we had sex, I started spotting and every time we have sex, I start spotting again. We haven't had sex in over a week now and I keep spotting. It's not enough to even both with a pad, but I notice it every time I use the bathroom. Is it something to worry about? It's been two months now since the abortion and I don't know if I should still be spotting like this or not.